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Eos and Zane agreed that, after finding the Skeleton Key, they would seek out the rumored city of free exiles: Fortitude. When the two venture through the New Territory and beyond its borders, they encounter more terrifying elements of the exile town system than they ever thought possible. Seeking out the city with the purple light, Eos and Zane recruit escaped exiles who join them as they encounter dangerous exiles, familiar faces, and careless partygoers. Armed with a couple of daggers and a device that can unlock anything, Eos and friends search for freedom only a place like Fortitude can offer. In the eyes of the exiles, Fortitude symbolizes freedom and hope; however, it turns out that Fortitude is hiding some dark secrets of its own. Join Eos on her journey for freedom in Fortitude, the second installment in the Eos Dawn Series, written by Jen Guberman.